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All you need to know about Nail Preparation

May 18, 2011 Nail Care

What do I need to do to the natural nails in preparation for an acrylic overlay or sculptured nail?

A series of steps to properly prepare the natural nails are important.

Step 1

Push the cuticles back and remove all ptergyium.

Step 2

Shape natural nails.

Step 3

Gently buff the top of the nail plate with a soft Ale to remove the shiny surface.

Step 4

Dust nail plate with nylon brush.

Step 5

Dehydrate the nail plate.

Step 6

prime the nails.

Should I use a sanitation spray on the nails?

No! Sanitation sprays are for the hands before you start your services, not on the nail plate after you have prepared the nails

Should i use a dehydrator?

Yes, after the nail is prepared and dusted, and before the primer is the correct time to use a dehydrator.

What is the purpose of using a dehydrator?

A dehydrator is used to dehydrate the nail plate, removing all the moisture for better retention. There are dehydrators that are stronger than others, so use your common sense when using a dehydrator.

Do i have to use a dehydrator?

NO, this is an option and should not be used if the nails are already very dry.

When do I prime the nail?

After the dusting of the nail plate and use of the dehydrator.

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