Applying Nail Stickers in just 3 Easy Steps

July 20, 2011 Nail Art, Nail Care, Nail Designs

Looking some ways to make your nail look gorgeous? Then Nail Stickers are the best way for that. This kind of nail designing is trending since past few years, even until now. It totally spices up the look of the nails, and very easy to apply, which actually saves up your time and money in going to salon.


Applying Nail Stickers in just 3 Easy Steps

Things You’ll Need

Scissors, Pliers or Tweezer, Top Coat and ofcorse the Nail Stickers.

Step 1

To avoid messing up the sticker, you must use pliers or tweezer.  In lifting it up, it must be handled carefully and start it with its corner, so it won’t torn into pieces.

Step 2

After tearing the sticker, you can now stick it anywhere you like or any positions you like. Then cut the excessive parts from it, and by using the pliers, press its corner gently to make sure it does stick. Sometimes stabilizing it with your hand is even more effective, or just use the pliers to help it.

Step 3

Now its time for applying the top coat. Top coat plays a big role in applying nail stickers, it holds them into places and helps it last longer so make sure everything is coated, you may add top coat after 2 or 3 days to make the seal long lasting.


Then your’e done in just 3 steps in applying nail stickers.

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