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Basic Home Nail Manicure Tips

March 31, 2012 Manicure, Nail Care, Nail Cosmetics

Staying up to date about different nail arts is useless if you are not able to take proper care of your nails. Be more particular about the important guidelines that you need to apply for more sophisticated and beautiful nails. Get an idea of these guidelines for a complete nail manicure from the tips shared here and let not your nails be spoiled in applying some wrong instructions.

All the hard work done on making an awesome nail art goes useless if your nails are not accurately shaped. For drawing a perfect shape of nail choose correct filers, start byremoving old nail paints followed by cutting and then shape up into your desired choice. To achieve a nice and durable shape file your nail downwards and in one direction. After shaping push the cuticles remove extra residue and it is necessary to remove dead cuticle or hangnails with small scissors or cuticle nippers for a finished appearance.

Moisturizing your nail skin is one of the most important preventive measures against all dried out nails and fingers. Wipe nails to remove any particles of cuticle or dead skin. A key point to keep in mind for perfectly moisturized hands is to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion after every time you come in contact with water. With moisturizer you can also apply cuticle oil to prevent hangnails.

Choose the correct color for your nail; don’t just go for the latest colors in the market. They would be useless if they don’t suit your nail shape and most importantly your skin tone. Make sure to apply a base coat before using any nail color. After choosing, apply it on entire nail with three strokes starting at the middle and with slight pressure to the brush for even distribution. After it has cured use a top coat to make a perfect look on your hands.

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