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Different Summer Nail Manicure Ideas

April 22, 2012 Featured, Manicure, Nail Designers, Nail Designs

When it comes to hand and nails care then the instant thing that comes in our mind is to get a healthy manicure. Obviously it tells a lot about women […]

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Different Nail Shape Ideas

April 21, 2012 Featured, Manicure, Nail Accessories, Nail Care

For making an awesome and stylish nail pattern a well manicured nail shape is a prerequisite. Nail shape is an important part of the manicure and nail design. Some shapes […]

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Basic Home Nail Manicure Tips

March 31, 2012 Manicure, Nail Care, Nail Cosmetics

Staying up to date about different nail arts is useless if you are not able to take proper care of your nails. Be more particular about the important guidelines that […]

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Nail Manicure Product Kit

February 16, 2012 Featured, Manicure

Show more care for your nails and apply these product kits for a softer and healthier look. Cuccio Naturale Scentual Spa Signature Service Kit is a collection of perfumed spa […]

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OPI Muppets Inspired Nail Polish Collection

October 24, 2011 Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

OPI launches their twelve limited-edition for this Holiday 2011, the OPI: The Muppets Nail Polish Collection! The collection includes six shimmery reds and neutrals, plus six glittery shades — perfect for […]

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Dior The Or Vernis Collection 2011

October 23, 2011 Featured, Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

The Holiday collections have started to appear at makeup counters nationwide. Dior has included four nail lacquers in their Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011 Collection, all which include a bit of gold in […]

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Deborah Lippmann Footloose Collection 2011

October 21, 2011 Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

Wanna know what colors will make you stand out from the crowd? Deborah Lippmann exclusive Footloose inspired nail polishes to our collection! Popular celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann has come up with adorable Footloose themed nail shades […]

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butter London A/W 2011 Collection

October 18, 2011 Featured, Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

butter London Autumn/ Winter Collection is now available! London Butter brings to market nail lacquer shades so new, they have been hand blended by the brand’s Founding Creative Director and […]

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Get Wild with SpaRitual’s Wilde Collection 2011

October 18, 2011 Featured, Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

Different nail polish collections are out this year, yet the SpaRitual has their own pride, introducing the Wilde Collection! This collection was inspired by the book Women Who Run with […]

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Reminiscing the China Glaze AWAKENING Collection

October 16, 2011 Manicure, Nail Cosmetics

Hook up your nails with top quality China Glaze nail polish, a brand for all seasons! China Glaze is a revolutionary nail color system for professional application. Using special methods, China […]

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