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Celebrity Black Magic

February 27, 2012 Celebrities, Featured

It’s like all the celebrities have been captivated by the magic of black color. No doubt this color has got some inner beauty that grabs the attention even if it’s applied on small areas like nails. Most of the young’s favorite celebs seem to be mesmerized by its beauty and choose to wear it most of the times in their gatherings. 

Black hues are very much into fashion and most of the evening parties are decorated by the celebrities wearing black as major part of their appearance. Use this color in as many ways as you can and make a perfect make over for your nails to add a more sophisticated pulled out effect.

For more girlish look you can use it in glossy shades and make a glittery appearance for your nails. Add some gray tones of shimmery texture it would go for the night parties and would really make a gorgeous effect. A unique idea of nail art applied on nails differs you from others in a gathering making you the trend setter.

It has now become a modern observation that beauty of girls remains incomplete without a trendy and exquisite nail art. Try this color to make an everlasting impression as if a strong style statement is to be portrayed then such colors are of primary importance.

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