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Colorful Zebra Nail Prints

February 24, 2012 Nail Art, Nail Designers

We are definitely not unaware of zebra prints as they are frequently used in dress designing and in some other forms. Try this awesome print for your next nail look, feel the flawless impression beauty and see how fabulously it gives your nail a complete different look.

Zebras usually have two prominent colors that are black and white in their skin, but the nail designs we have shared here are just taking the basic theme of that print using different interesting colors. The have really gone amazing with colorful look and make funky impression that is at the same time very easy to apply.

It’s on you how to apply these patterns, make an application for your whole nail or just make manicure look with some glittery paints and core colors. Make a test of your innovation with this simple nail art and get a coolest effect for your nails.

Make different zebra prints with some vibrant nail colors; use the bunch of squiggly black lines and an impressive background will do the trick for you. Use them in as many different ways as you can and replicate a real zebras if you are aiming to have this classic nail art.

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  1. klshydgk says:

    i love zebras and zebra things and even zebra nails

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