Cool Honey Bee Nail Ideas

February 26, 2012 Nail Art, Nail Designers

This cool nail idea is for those who are fond of natural beauty and colors and find a peaceful feeling in dealing with natural creations. Season ahead is defined to be the most colorful and enjoyable of all climatic conditions, all the natural objects seem to have its impressions and make a recreational part for them. From the natural objects we here share a very creative nail art for you.

Honey bee is small but a very useful natural creation; appreciate its natural power by making this art for your nails. Feel the brightness of spring yellows and colorful flowery impressions, be particular about the color selection not because it should be one specific one it’s just the beauty of the season equally felt in all its colors.

Make interesting and colorful bee patterns, make it for your whole nail or just a part of it and let not the enjoyment be any choice for you. Thinking of honey bees only two colors come in our mind that are yellow and black, use them if you want to follow it as a complete theme.

You can make a colorful impression of the honey bees like the cartoonish animated looks that are usually shown in movies. In some other ways apply it as if a bee is moving on your nails making a dotted path behind and things like that. Show your creativity towards this natural intuition; you will surely like our new idea of innovation.

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  1. nilsina says:

    All designs r excelent n i like that simple n sweet

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