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Cool Nail Designs

March 7, 2011 Nail Designs

Nail designs the practice of painting decorative designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a special occasion outfit. here are some of the Cool Nail Designs of 2011.

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  1. pamela duncan says:

    i do designs ever so often..these are awesome!!!

  2. ana says:

    i love u nails, but they are too difficult to do. dont u have more easy to do? i just love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mizzy bozz123 says:

    am a designer with my sis and she cant even do these these are the best well not best awesome best lol…i luv them.

  4. mizzy bozz123 says:

    who ever made these is the stuff(best.)
    aka a$iah knighten.

  5. haley says:

    i think there cool but ive seen beter

  6. ana k says:

    i love those types of nails and their are so beautiful

  7. mahika jain says:

    they r awesome and i would luv to try them on my nails

  8. shaylyn says:


  9. hiddy says:

    AWSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :) !! :)

  10. candy says:

    its sooo awsome……itried it out and it worked all my frens luvd it n they also went and spread the word!!!! lol B)

  11. mary says:

    i love your design but you dont have demonstration how to do,…….better have easy to learn

  12. LeeAnn says:

    They look fake?

  13. Michelle says:

    Like the black and white design. I can’t make circles on my right hand, my left hand shakes too much. But I’m going to try this on my toes.

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