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Different Japanese NailGrafx Application

March 30, 2012 Featured, Nail Art, Nail Designers

Sha Nail Japan has introduced a new and unique style of nail art for designing. These delicate designing styles take the photo prints that fit and conform to nail surfaces with no turbid or wrinkled nail appearance. These are actually made to make an interesting and easy nail art designing for its lovers.

These prints are available in bright thin covers that are easy to handle for making a 3D effect. The layers that are created during designing are easy to cut handle and combine freely. For making this art you first need to clean your nails with a cleanser and then slightly etch them with a nail file.

When you are done with filing and cleaning of your nails, now layer a 3D design you want to put on for designing. Layer your nails in a way that make a delicate impression on top of your nails in an interesting and simple way. When you have completed with the layering of nails then use scissor to cut the extra pieces around and shape them as your nail shape.

Although the layers are settled on the nail surface when you have put on them on your nails but still to make a complete effect use a manicure stick and press the design on to the nail surface. Use glitters and different things that can make your nail appearance even more delicate and superb. These can also help in covering the seams and edges of the designed layers.

Now the nail designing is almost complete, make a complete finished effect with the application of UV top coat. This would protect your nails from any kind of scratches or protect the material from any adverse effect. Use this art to show your nature of creativity and obviously its different from other as it does not uses any nail paints for designing.

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