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Different Nail Shape Ideas

April 21, 2012 Featured, Manicure, Nail Accessories, Nail Care

For making an awesome and stylish nail pattern a well manicured nail shape is a prerequisite. Nail shape is an important part of the manicure and nail design. Some shapes are more practical than the others. And some shapes suit certain fingers better than others.

You first need to study your nails well before making any choice for the nail shape. Pay attention to the nail bed and the nail moon shape. Choosing the moon or nail bed shape of your fingers as a nail tip shape might work just great.

Oval shape is great for wide short fingers with wide nails while pointed nails add length to small fingers. May be not very practical in longer versions. Oval and pointed nails are considered weak since there is little support to the nail so it can break easier than the square or short round nails. A balanced healthy diet is important in making nails strong.

Square nail shape is most likely to be used by most of the nail art lovers as it adds more enhancements to the hand appearance. For making this shape even out the sides of the nail with file. Again file in one direction only. Then file the free edge till its straight and the nail has a square shape. Round the corners of the nails with a file a bit so that they are not to sharp. To soften a square shape round the corners a bit more. 

Round shape suits short nails ensuring their strength against breakage. For making this shape for your nails you first need to let your nail grow a little longer then for filing start from side of the nail in a rounded motion to smooth out the edges. Check the shape in the process as too much filing can give an uneven shape to the nail.

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