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Ethnic inspired nail art tutorial

October 16, 2011 Featured, Nail Art, Nail Designs

If you want to try out  floral prints or western style on nail then Ethnic nail art is the answer.   Ethnic nail art showcase texture and color instead of hard lines. Ethnic print nails are very famous in trend now.

Japanese girls tends to wear more “kawaii”, or cute design such as bows and polka dots, but seems like those ethnic essence became popular among fashionable girls.

I just noticed I had nice Indian cotton scarf gifted from my French grandmother-in-law, but never worn it yet because I didn’t have any of matching item…

And suddenly the idea popped in my head, “Oh why not to paint my own nails like this?”

Here you can see how to make tribal/ethnic printed mani by yourself!

Very easy with the Konad nail stamp set, the plate number is m64.

1: Apply base coat on your own nails.

2: Paint your nails randomly. Combine some dull color and bright color together.

3: Let the nails dry.

4: Stamp the Konad design on each nails.

5: Remove the excess of the design on your cuticle area.

6: Seal with clear UV gel or thick top coat.

How did you like this ethnic inspired manicure? 

You can find fake nails on my Etsy too!


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  1. marissa c. jacinto says:

    its interesting and i would like to know where i can get stamping designs here in the Philippines. Thanks

    • Aya1gou says:

      Hello, I bought those stamping designs on e-bay, and next purchased from Korean company (they have an online store in Japanese)

      I recommend e-bay if you live in Philippines ^^

  2. Adriana Britez says:

    I love it!! very different!!

  3. divya says:

    hi… from india i liked tis nail art a lot …:-)can u please tell me where can i get stamping designs.

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