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Halloween nail art tutorial: creepy eyeballs!

October 13, 2011 Featured, Nail Designs

Halloween 2011 is approaching near and everyone would love to have the scariest halloween nail designs ever.  So how do you paint your nails for Halloween? Black, or bloody red?  Isn’t it too simple for 2011!? Here you can see how to make the creepiest nail art ever!

1. Paint the base color.  the one shown here is DS002, designer series from O.P.I

2. Kneed the white polymer clay, make a tiny ball and press it over the each nails.

3. Apply top coat on the nails, stick star glitters and rhinestones.

4. Paint the eyeballs with acrylic paint.

5. Let them dry.

6. Seal with clear UV gels.  if you don’t have, replace to the thick top coat.

Your friends will admire you! 

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