How can you make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster?

How can you make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster?

April 26, 2012 Featured, Nail Accessories, Nail Care, Nail Designers

After you have applied awesome nail enamel a certain amount of time is required for the design to be cured on your nails. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for nail polish to dry. Fortunately, there are quite effortless and effective ways to make nail polish dry faster. Read on to learn how one should use cold water and cooking oil to speed up the process of nail polish drying.

One can use icy cold water to make your nail hues to dry faster on your nails. The matter is that cold hardens nail polish for this you need to have a bowl filled with the cold water and need to put your hands in it for about a minute or so. You’ll definitely notice the nail polish dries faster and, there with, it helps to make the surface more even.

Another way of making your nail colors to dry faster is by using hair drier. It can be a fast and great booster when it concerns nail polish drying. The same as with cold water you should put it on ‘cool water’ in his the hot blow works does that actually and dry your nails. Besides these techniques we can cover up the drying issue by making thin coat application one at a time.

One can always think to go for some nail drying spray that would really work well for you, but rather than wasting your time on this we will suggest you to apply some cooking oil found in your homes for making a faster dry. Any cooking oil aerosols can cope with it none the worse. Just spray it on your freshly-painted nails and leave for a few minutes. After rinse your hands, you will feel glad to see the results.


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