How to Get Gorgeous Nails at Home ?

July 17, 2011 Nail Care

How to Get Gorgeous Nails at Home ?

After reading the title the first thing that may come in your mind is a home service manicure but it is not so. It is something better. I am talking about how you can get tidy and gorgeous nails without hiring any professional manicurist.

You might be a little doubting about cleaning and polishing your nails on your own but the reality is that it is not that difficult. All you should know are the basic steps in cleaning and few tricks to make them look like your nails were done by professional. You should know few steps to make them look gorgeous.


Cut your nails at the wanted length and shape them with a sharp nail-cutter. Many people love to have square shaped nails while others like round nails. Don’t cut your nails too far because at the end you won’t have enough nail to file and polish. Remove your old nail polish before trimming your nail.


The use of this process is to soften the stagnant skin and the hard dermal around your nails so that you won’t have trouble while removing them after. You can soften your dermal by drenching your hands with warm soapy water. Make sure that the soap you use is gentle to your hands.


After all dermal have softened, you can now remove them through a cuticle stick. This is simple caused by forcing them at the back part of your nail till they are completely out from the nail.


After cleaning, apply hand moisturizer on your hands. Hand moisturizer is not compulsory, you can also apply simple body lotion.


After trimming, softening, cleaning and moisturizing cover it all with a delectably colored nail polish. Cover with transparent nail polish to make the color more vivacious and to protect the main layer from chipping.

With these simple steps, you can get gorgeous nails right at your own home.

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