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How to Shape Nails

July 11, 2011 Featured, Nail Care


Nails play a very vital role for having a well-grommed personality. Regular care is very important for having beautiful and healthy nails. Hands are always prominent while doing anything, even while staying quite. The procedure of taking care of nails and hands is known as Manicure. Word Manicure is derived from two Latin words, “manus”(hand) and “cure”(care) so manicure literally means care of hands and nails. Taking care of hands doesn’t only mean to wash them and clean them regularly but it means to cut them and give them a proper shape regularly.

Shapes of Nails

Nails are of different shapes:

Round Nails

Round shape looks great with short nails. If a person has wide nails and large hands, then the round shape of nails can help them to look thinner. Round nails give soft and delicate look to hands.

How to File:

For getting the round shape

  1. It is best to file the side walls straight out and a little round from the edges of the walls of filed nails. 
  2. Don’t file too much because it can give an unbalanced look to your nail. 
  3. The easiest way of giving a round look is to file the side walls of your nail straight out and then just round the corners to complete the shape.

Square Nails

Square nails look amazing on long and narrow fingers. The square shape with straight side walls give a classic look to you nails. Square nails are suitable for French manicures and for many detailed nail art designs. But square shape doesn’t look good on all type of nails. Square shape can help fingers to look longer.

How to File

For getting a classic square look,

  1. We should use a medium-grade file. 
  2. We should file the side walls and free edges first.
  3. File the side wall straight up and then change the tilt to blend.
  4.  Repeat this on the other side.
  5.  Once when both sides are done, use tilts to sharpen the corners. 

Oval Nails

Oval looks good on mostly short and wide fingers. Oval shape looks very attractive and graceful. The most intrusting thing about oval nails is that it looks good on both short and long nails. Oval shape helps nail to look a bit long.

How to File

Filling an oval shape can be difficult because little imperfections can make the nail look unbalanced.

  1. To get oval shape first start with straightening your side walls and make sure that they are even.
  2. Then start filling from the side of the nail in the direction of top.
  3. From there, work your tilts on both sides and around the free edge to smooth into the oval shape you actually want.

Squoval Nails

Squoval shape looks good with short nails and big fingers. It is a very common shape but it is not given in many nail expert textbooks. The word squoval is merged from two English words “square” and “oval”. this name is given to this shape because it is mixture of square and oval shape. The squoval nail is basically the shape having the length of square and having corners like an oval. The term squoval was introduced by an educator Paula Gillmore in 1984.

How to File

To give a Squoval shape to our nail

  1. First we have to file it square and make sure that side walls are straight.
  2. Now gradually file the corners of the square and file the corners of the square off.
  3. Keep in your mind that you just have to file the tips of the square. 

Pointed Nails

Pointed elongates tiny hands and fingers. This shape is not very common but it looks great. This shape was first invented by the nail experts in Russia and after Russia it became a bit popular in Eastern Europe but it is not common in the whole world yet. Pointed shape is little better than other shapes like oval, squoval etcetra. Such nails looks best on smaller hand with smaller nails.

How to File

Filing a pointed shape is quite difficult because little imperfecions can make it look unbalanced.

  1. First we should file one side of the nail slightly to above and make a pointed edge.
  2. Now repeat the same for the other side of the same nail
  3.  File your nail in a particular tilt. 

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