Interesting Love Nail Art

Interesting Love Nail Art

February 23, 2012 Nail Art, Nail Designers

Using love patterns and colors for nails is not a new thing to the nail art technique. But using nails for delivering your live letters would really sound you different and innovative. It was an old tradition to deliver your message of love to your special one by postal letters or cards, then it grew into using the modern techniques like internet and mobile messaging and here now we introduce another idea for it.

The love season is not faded yet and still its colors could be felt to its full strength. If you are thinking to deliver your message for love to your sweet heart then don’t waste your time anymore on just thinking the idea. Try our idea and make a completely different love letter pattern that will surely help you in conveying your message to the other person.

It is very simple to make this pattern on your nails; jus take some dark colors of your nail paint collection like black and draw some lines that make a shape of arrow and a rectangle. Complete the rectangle to message icon that you usually see on different internet applications and leave it to cure for thirty seconds.

Now when you are done with the sketches of love on nails, its time to decorate your nails love letter for giving it a complete look. Use small heart patterns of different colors like pinks and reds that give a love impression for your love letter and place one on the envelop cover too. This is a very simple love letter pattern completed on your nail. Apply it for the other nails and you can use some different ideas like shared here.

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