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Kitty Style nails art

February 11, 2012 Nail Accessories, Nail Designs

Now get creative in designing your nails and show your appreciation of this hello kitty style. Make cute kitty style patterns on your nails and get a funky colorful look. If you are new to nail art and never tried it on your nails before then get started by applying these interesting patterns.

Nail art is a very great way to draw attention towards your well manicured nails as it adds a very cute and flamboyant effect to your nails. So start making your nails look gorgeous by using kitty nail art and let the beauty of this technique shower on your personality.

Make interesting patterns using nail paints of kitty style as given here and be sure of their flawless appearance. Kitty nail art is a very cute and girly style of making your nail design superb. Whether you use it as a complete pattern or mix it with some glitters and glossy shades in both ways you will get a fabulous appearance.

It is so simple and interesting to use these patterns for designing thing like nails. Make their application for any nail length or shape as it is easily applied on all kind nails. Show your girly and young nature towards this art and let the cuteness of this style make you even more cute and younger then you are.


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  1. karina (: says:

    omfg i love these nails where can i get mine done

  2. kawilliyah says:

    love hello kitty so much wish i could get my nail done the same way

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