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Make Pretty Peacock Nail

February 28, 2012 Featured, Nail Designers

Taking an inspiration from peacock feathers we now share entirely different and gorgeous patterns that have impressions of naturally existing colors on peacock’s feathers. This is basically a gel color technique that enables you to create different effects and allows expanding your creativity in a very simple way.

This is a very simple gel nail art technique that can be easily done by anyone. We will be giving a complete demonstration of applying this technique on your nails in a way to provide complete information. Start this art by applying a wet layer of gel of your base color and then paint simple straight lines of the color you want to use in your feather pattern.

Make sure to draw lines in different directions for a complete different effect and it would also help you create an entirely unique impression. The key for doing all this is to get a perfect color combination and line distribution. It is not necessary that applying many colors would work better sometimes a simple color with slight shimmer gives a mind blowing look.

Now when you are done with this much of your work pick up a small thin painting brush to pull the wet gel lines in different directions before letting it to cure. Spacing and thickness of lines give another impression and gentle creativity of your work so make sure to apply properly.

Peacock nail art technique is a very simple and innovative technique that one can easily use. Take an inspiration of peacock feathers and create intricate and delicate patterns by simply applying lines in wet gel.

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