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Most Popular Nail Shapes

May 8, 2011 Nail Care

What are the most popular shapes?

There are several variations.

Square Is an extremely square tip with straight sides and sharp corners.

Square with Soft Corners Square as in above with straight sides, square tip buts oft, barely rounded corners.

Squoval (Square Oval) Straight sides, oval, slightly bowed tip, with soft corners, giving the nail an oval top with straight base.

Oval/Round 50% of the side extending from the stress area is straight out from the nail groove with a slight, tapered graduation with an oval top.

What is the arch?

The arch is the graduation of the high point of the nail, which lends strength to the stress area.
Viewing the nail from the side, the high point should be located over the natural smile line as the nail leaves the nail bed and becomes the free edge. This is the weakest point of the nail structure, needing the most reinforcement. The arch is the natural shape of the high point of the nail providing the strength over the free edge.

The arch is the high pointfrom the side view.

What is the stress area?

Nail Stress Area

A The stress area is where the nail bed and the free edge come together at the natural smile line. The stress area of the nail is where it is the weakest.

The stress area is where the nail leaves the nail plate and becomes the free edge.

What is the sidewall?

Nail Side Wall Area

A sidewall is the side of the nail as it extends out from the nail groove. A sidewall is the side of the mil extending out from the nail groove.

What is a c-curve shape?

It is the convex and concave shape of the tip as you look down the barrel of the nail.

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