Nail Calligraphy Using Creative Nail Pens

February 25, 2012 Featured, Nail Accessories

Have you ever wished to add calligraphic effects in nail art and always dropped the idea because of the difficult patterns it would use? Let’s not make it a wish anymore and enjoy the beauty of this art in a very simple way on place none other then your own hand nails. Use the be creative nail pens and draw different patterns having the essence of calligraphy like if you are drawing it on a paper.

All you need for this art is a different color creative nail pens and some interesting hues from your nail paints collection. These nail art pens work the same way as the calligraphy pens does, but these pens would work with more thick and more pigmented fluids. Water down the pens before making their application for nail designing.

Apply a base coat, push back the cuticles and buff the nail surface as its needed before making any nail art application. Use some prominent polish color and apply at least two coats to make an effective look. Let the color cure on your nail before starting to design it.  

If using the pens for the first time then fill them with the ink paint that you want to use for making calligraphy design. Now the pens are ready so go ahead with some classical pattern, enjoy the swirls and thin lines of this art. 

Take some interesting ideas of calligraphy and fascinate the thrill of this classical art to others with these creative nail pens. There are some fine brushes provided with the pens make use of them in the best possible way and make an everlasting impression.

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