New Magnetic Nail Polishes Technique

New Magnetic Nail Polishes Technique

April 14, 2012 Featured, Nail Accessories, Nail Designers

The new nail polishes technique could not be resisted from the world of nail art. With the ever new creation in varying quality nail colors range there has been a lot to inspire. From the first coming matte shades then came the crackle finishes that even more inspired nail art lovers and now the new and latest magnetic polishes are ready to make a splash over the entire field.

This new nail Inc. Magnetic polish is available at Sephora and definitely provides a great way to experiment with nail art. It is so simple to apply these nail polishes and the effect it creates is superbly awesome and inspiring. The exclusive design it creates is completely flawless and the effects are simply out of this world.

One can think that the created design would have taken a real tough effort for its effective application but its so surprising to know that this can be done in just two three steps. The color texture of these inspiring magnetic shades has the innate composition that makes them look fabulous on hands.

For application one just needs a two coat application of this magnetic polish and then need to hold the magnet end of the bottle cap over the second coat for a few seconds while still wet. One would really be surprised to see that the results are completely awesome.

The impression that is created is simply superb and one can easily get along with this technique at home. Use this technique to get a latest stylish and fabulous look and make an everlasting impression with just an application of simple nail polish.

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