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Procedures for a Nail backfill

July 2, 2011 Nail Care

What is backfill?

A backfill is when you replace the white acrylic on the tip of a pink and white sculptured nail or an acrylic tip and overlay. This is an added technique in the fill-in procedure.

Who gets a backfill?

The client who wears acrylic nails with the permanent French manicure look, which is pink or clear, and white tip powders usually without polish or a clear top coat.

How often do you need to do a backfill?

Depends on how high you place the white tip smile line when applying the white tip product and how fast the client’s nails grow. You can make them last from 1 fill or up to three but the average is to do a backfill every other ore very third fill-in appointment.

Do- a backfill take more time?

Yes, it does and practice makes perfect. At first it will take you approximately 15 to 30 extra minutes.

what do I use for a backfill?

An electric file or drill is usually used to do a backfill. However this can be done with a hand Ale.

What are the benefits of backfilling?

It gives the client a permanent French manicure look that is polish free. There is no waiting for the polish to dry. It provides the client with a special service that allows her to have “fresh” or “brand new” looking nails every time she visits the salon.

What are the procedures for a backfill?

First you must follow the steps on “No Line Fills” in the previous section. Then:

Step 1 After you have prepared the cuticle area and other lifted areas, reshape and shorten the nail if necessary.

Step 2 File the entire top of the acrylic nail removing the top layer of discoloration.

Step 3 Starting on the right side of the smile line. at an angle, cut into ‘the nail where you want the new smile line to be. Cut a “U” shape that is similar to the shape of the cuticle across the nail. The beveling should cut into the nail only about 75 percent, never touching the natural nail. You have just beveled a new smile line in the nail.

Step 4 Holding the nail so you can see the profile of the entire nail, place the bit flat on the remaining white tip product and remove approximately 75 percent.

Step 5 After you have removed 75 percent of the white tip, dust the nail again.

Step 6 Prime the exposed natural nail around the cuticle and any spots on the the tip may be exposed. Do not prime the white acrylic tip left on the tips of the nail, because it will cause yellowing.

Step 7 Apply the new white tip powder to all ten nails. Start by placing 1 medium size ball of white acrylic in the center of the tip and up against the beveled smile line. Wipe your brush, pat the product to the left and to the right, and then wipe it down to the edge of the tip.

Look at the nail from the side view and make sure that the white tip powder is taller than the pink or clear on the base of the nail. The reason for applying all ten white tips first is so you don’t interchange the white powder and the pink or clear powder. Another reason is that you allow the white tip to dry before applying the pink or clear over it, so you don’t drag the pink or clear through the wet white tip.

Step 8 If needed, add a small amount to each “ear” of the smile line for maximum coverage.

Step 9 After you have completed the white tip application wipe your brush clean and use fresh liquid fort he pink or clear application. Otherwise your product will look cloudy.

Step 10 Fill in the cuticle areas and extend fresh pink or clear product to the new smile line coating the entire nail with fresh product.

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