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Quick and Easy Steps in Nail Dangling

August 4, 2011 Featured, Nail Accessories, Nail Art

Piercing is always been a part in fashion, which applied in different areas such as in ears, tongue, lip, even in nails. Well the only different in nail piercing is, it doesn’t hurt like other piercing does. Nail Dangling played a big part on nail art, it really looks your nail perfect even without a nail polish applied, but instead only just dangle. I’ll give you the simple and quickest steps in nail dangling. 

Things You’ll Need:

  • Nail Dangle
  • Nail Piercing Drill
  • 2 Long Nose Pliers

Step 1:

Lay your hands with your palm facing upward. Place it to any thing that would position your nail for easy drilling. You may let anyone do it for you or if you can handle it doing yourself, then give it a go!

Step 2:

Now, decide on what nail you’ll have a pierce. Then start drilling the nail carefully, do it until it makes a hole in your nail which surely fits your nail dangle hook into it.

Step 3:

Get the 2 pliers and use it by holding  each side of the dangle’s ring, then twist it to open the dangle’s ring and hook the dangle into your nail.

Step 4:


After hooking the nail dangle’s ring, you close is it tightly using the pliers. Then your done! 


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