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Sally Singer Finger Pointing Inspired Nail

April 16, 2012 Featured, Nail Art, Nail Designers

Sally Singer devotes a set of five exquisite nail art designs. Singer’s trademark artful talons are approached as miniature canvases influenced by the Japanese beauty mania for elaborate, 3D nail art, which may seem at odds with Singer’s personal pared-back approach to fashion and beauty. The first one is powdered violet nails that refer to the history of femininity that is really interesting.

Another one is Celine orange that is no doubt a wonderful nail impression for all the lovers of celine. Maki used to do the Chanel logo all over the nails, but with Céline you only want it on one finger. This style of nail inspiration is recommended for short and square nail shapes.

Wear these on a clear, gelled nail and with a different face on each one staring up at you. N These are named as Mexican Sugar Skull. With this sort of Japanese-inspired nail art it’s about creating as much character as possible. You need a design where every nail is different. 

These are really some textural nails named as Taxi Driver Seat nails. These are thought to be the most interesting like those strange, matte textures like the wooden beaded coverings on New York taxi driver’s seats. This would look good with Burberry’s spring collection. 

For some glittery design the new range has a glittery blue nail with the single crown. It’s a royal, attention-grabbing nail it’s the Kate Middleton nail. Whether you use it as a complete pattern or mix it with some glitters and glossy shades in both ways you will get a fabulous appearance.

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