Short Nail designs 2011

June 19, 2011 Nail Art, Nail Designs

Having short nail is a little bit odd in beautifying your nails than having with the long nails in which you can apply different designs. Well that doesn’t mean that short nails are not adorable, it is just a matter on how you handle it make your nails perfect even if it is short.

Short Nail designs 2011

Women that uses their hands usually at work will prefer having short nails, and actually short nails looks more feminine than the longer one. Though it is true that having a creative nails is much easier in applying with longer nails, but that doesn’t mean that short nails can’t be very beautiful as the longer ones. Their are some ways to make your short nails beautiful, and these are through applying simple nail designs which is stripes or dots, simple pattern of nail art, beautifying it with minx or an acrylic nails and a french style.

Here is the simple nail design for short nails with dots and simple multi-colored stripes. For the dots it won’t be hard, you can even use any pointed tool to compose those dots.

Short nails are even look clean than the longer nails and with the help of french tip style short nails could look more feminine because of its single color. Well apart from applying white nail polish on the tip of the nail you can apply some very simple designs to make it a title bit creative with dots, stripes, glitters would be perfect.

Through regular practice in applying simple nail art designs you can have that creative designs too same as the results of some nail art designs for longer nails. It is good to always start with simple patterns, like diagonal lines on the side, a wavy designs or simple floral designs.

Minx nail is the latest trend today, this kind of designs is not a usual nail art which is hand painted, but it is a fastest way to achieve very awesome designs whether for short or long nails. Thought it will cost too much for this than the usual charge of nail art, minx will last 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 to 8 weeks on toes.

Acrylic Nails are popular in the world of nail art, it is a common artificial nails which can be applied at home or salons. Acrylic Nails are quiet durable and easy to apply, and it can be also applied with creative designs and and various nail art works. You might be wondering that their are painted acrylic nail designs, well you can do it in your own using those nail art tools and ofcorse your fab nail colors.

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