Simple Steps for Nail Square Shape

Simple Steps for Nail Square Shape

June 11, 2011 Nail Care

Square Nails Shape is very popular in different areas of nail art; this shape is commonly used in women who love wearing simple nail polishes like French Manicure. A square shape is not just a fashionable thing to look your nails beautiful, it helps too in making your manicure last longer and makes your nails stronger.

Simple Steps for Nail Square Shape

In order to achieve square nail shape you must be very careful in cutting the nails into the desired length you want, and it’s very important to give a small allowance for the running of the nail file over your nail tips. Here are the simple steps in making your nails shaped into square, but before that you need to have the nail tools in shaping your nails into square.

Things You Need: Nail Cutter and Nail File

Step 1: Using the Nail Clipper, carefully cut your nails straightly and into the desired length you want. Never round the edges of the nail with the nail clipper, this will weaken the nails.

Step 2: In the nail filing, smoothly run the nail file over the flat tip of the nail to remove jagged edges. Using back and forth motion can damage the nail so run the nail file smoothly into one direction only.

Step 3: With on sweeping motion of run the file into the side of the nail. To retain the square shape of the nail, run the file smoothly around the sharped edge of the nail. Nail filing is the best way to avoid catching cloth/fabrics because of sharp edges. Repeat this  step to the other side of the nail.

Step 4: Finish your manicure to achieve the square nail shape to all of your nails.

Well the most nail design that suits in square nail shapes are white french tip. This design emphasizes the shape of your nail and looks very simple yet elegant. French Tip Nail doesn’t vary only in the good square shape nail, it varies too in using the good quality nail polishes such like Chanel Nail Polish, but anyways you can use other nail polishes besides of Chanel.


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