Toe Nail Designs 2011

Toe Nail Designs 2011

June 18, 2011 Nail Designs

In this new era nail designs is been a part of fashion and style. In every year a different survey are being implemented for every categories of fashion, and nail design is always been a trending fashion. In this year of 2011, toenail designs plays a big role of nail art and clothing fashion, because with perfect clothing must be with perfect nails.

Toe Nail Designs 2011

Introducing you the different toenail designs for this year are the summery, romantic, rabbit, punk princess, french toenail designs.

Summer Season is a big part in each year where people embraces the nail art with their best designs. Colored and Flowery are always a trending designs of nail art in every summer. For the colored designs you may use neon colors either applying it with plain style or with decorative designs such as flower designs.

2011 is the year of the rabbit and that makes the nail art being a part of it, in every year different designs boom. For this kind of design you can wear any designs that signifies year of the rabbit. In the image below you can see just a carrot color or simply a rabbit designs, you can even wear carrot design.

A romantic designs are always trending, its not a seasonal design but its a design that usually people wear. A red color is always a romantic design in any such ways, you can wear it with white dots on it or simply red. A dashing smoky brown with flower designs is a cool design to wear, you can use any nail art accessories to make it more beautiful.

Teens are having fun with rock music, with the punk princess toenail design its a best way to express their passion of rock music. A combination of pink and black are the best colors that suits for girls who loves rock music. Wearing it with just a stripe, or with character designs would be awesome.

A French designs are popular in every way, actually its the most trending design in every year. Some uses a scotch-tape to cover the left part of the nail to avoid mess out, and some uses a marking tool or if you’re not shaky you can brush the tip of the nail with perfect white nail polish or any colors you would like to wear.

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