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Top Animal Nail Designs in DOTS and STRIPES

June 16, 2011 Nail Designs

Aren’t you tired of wearing those nail designs that you had? Well a nail art is always progressing in time to time, and people too should be progressive with nail art. Let’s get rid off those designs and meet the Animal Nail Designs, here are the top animal designs that would surely amaze you on how those animals are being inspired by nail art.

Top Animal Nail Designs in DOTS and STRIPES

These animal designs are trending now, not just in clothes or things and even in occasional themes, but it’s especially trending in the world of nail art. These designs are mostly from those wild animal skins such as zebra, cheetah, leopard and tiger.

Dalmatian Nail Design – a design that simplifies only two simple colors, the black and white. With its dotted design, it will be an eye catching design especially to those people who love dogs.

Let’s Get Wild

Tiger Nail Design – Tiger Clothing is still trending now days and with this nail art design it would purely define your tiger style. Well you can wear it just like a French tip design or you can wear it all over in your nail. The burning tiger nail design color would be awesome, though it consists blending of colors and in detailed stripes, but it’s very worthy in making your nails perfect in every angle.

Zebra Nail Design – Since Zebras are known to have black and white colors only, but you can give it a try with a unique color like in the photo. It will be easy for the stripes using smooth pointed nail art brush tool.

Leopard Nail Design – A Cheetah Nail designs has a liltle bit detailed with its dot, as u can see that each dot is almost surrounded with black color. In doing this design there will be three coats including the black color that surrounds the dot.

Cheetah Nail Design – Cheetahs normally have a gold brown color, for the dots it’s just a simple black dot, but you can try it with different style like leopard. A metallic first coat would be very beautiful especially in applying the black dots. For the dot’s you can use any pointed and smooth brush tool or a tooth pick.




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